Severe Illusion (SWE)

14.9.2012 - Prague - TBA




Infidelity to Ritual, MedCon, 2010
Armed Evolution, CD, Advoxya records, 2007
Shortcut to civilization, CD, DSBP, 2006
Panopticon, CDM, Plutonium recordings, 2006
Accomplishments of Leopold II, CD, DSBP, 2005
Accomplishments of Leopold II, CD, Khazad-dum records, 2005
Fight your lodging elsewhere, 5 track from Severe Illusion. Split 12" vinyl together with The Pain Machinery. MedCon/First Aid, 2004
Discipline is reward enough, CD, PAF records, 2003
Discipline is reward enough, 2LP, PAF Records, 2003 SOLD OUT
Discover without reflection, CD, MedCon, 2002
Public opinion, CDr, 2001, deleted
Subject, CDr, 2001, deleted
Severe Illusion, CDr, 2000, deleted


Electro Bosom.Buddies Music, with Lost, Electro Arc 2009
In the Dark Room vol 1, with Only Pilots Change the World (again), Darkroom Productions 2008
PABS 2, with I wish I was dead, 2007, Advoxya records
Mortal decay, with And some other dead stuff (remix), 2007, Dark Horizons
Plutonium Showcase v.2, with In you hostile little face, 2005, Plutonium recordings
Interbreeding 7, with The giant never speaks enough, 2005, BLC Productions
Interbreeding 5, with Girl with a knife in her hand, pain version by Depressive disorder, 2005, BLC Productions
deCODEr v2.0, with Surveillance (Someone is watching mix), 2004 Infacted recordings
Interbreeding 4, with Massive democratic maintenance (remix by Soren Jensen), 2004, BLC Productions
Interbreeding 3, with The machine that feeds, 2004, BLC Productions ElectrXmas 2003, with Back to **d (Version), 2003, Memento Materia/Nangijala Records
Futronik Structures 4, with Bad people, 2003, DSBP
Interbreeding 2, with Penalty (Optional mix), 2003, BLC Productions
Aderlass vol 1, with Surveillance (Also on DIRE), 2003, Totentanz
Stromschlag volume 1, with Movement (Static edit by The Sepia), 2003, Electro Shock Records
A Decade of darkness, with Waiting blind (Also on DWR), 2003, Dark Horizons
Electronic dreams, with Human rites (Also on Public Opinion), 2002, Modern Entertainment
Monument/7, with Agnostify (Also on "Severe Illusion"), 2001, Memento Materia

Remixes by Severe Illusion:

Moon Far Away - Mama Rusj, remix the track Mama Rusj, Shadowplay 2008
Morticians - Mutilation recreation, remixed the track Zombie centerfold. plutonium recodings 2005
Grandchaos - In Sedens, remixed the track Density. Vendetta Music 2006
Tyske Ludder - Sojus, remixed the track Khaled Aker. Black Rain 2006
T3r, remixed the track Mein Frau
V/A - Dynamo II, remixed the Thiteenth Exile track Pain Receiver. Prototyp 2007
Derma Tek - Defiled, remixed the track Mauled. DSBP/NoiTekk 2007
KIFOTH - Acerbity Torrent, remixed the track Proper behaviour, Vendetta 2007

Posted: April 28nd, 2012
Author: DJ Fakir